Tuesday, November 24, 2009

After exam ~ Woohoo

actly..before my exam ended, i went out with jess, chika and natalie for "destress treatment" because they fin exam earlier than me...hehe

we went harbour town, docklands for shopping~
Finally i tried the MOVENPICK ice cream~hooray~

my fren said it is the most expensive ice cream in the world....

natalie and pao

chika ~ cute housemate
jess~~like a big sister althou im older than her`^^

after shopping, we stayed till the dark..just to see the lighting and the night of city~

walk along swanston st.
the building at the back is flinders station~

i dont knw wat is the name of tis place

just a normal outing with jess...we planned to go victoria market but when we reached there ,only found out tat they close on tat day...=="
so we juz walk around the city~

purposely went to Pancake Parlour, just to take tis picture~haha~
we got tis too~~lalala~


pancake~ jess swear tat we will nvr ever eat pancake anymore~(we ate too much)

end of the day

Next~ beach day again~
tis time we went to Brighton beach~
my lovely housemates
summer~flies are everywhere~scary~~ go awwayyy~~

why got camel here?!i had no idea~
yoohoo~~ finals is over~yeah~~~~~
finally...we reached the famous spot....
the colourful beach huts



cant missed the toilet~ haha~
the old style railway station~
emo -ing~ nice pic~
after brighton beach...we r heading to st kilda beach~
jason recommended place ~Monarch~(not monash ..haha) i love dessert~
Luna Park - smthg like fun fair in msia
at first we plan to stay for dinner..however,due to the annoying flies, jess and I decided to go back home earlier..
another "tired but happy" trip ^^

After exam ~ WOOHOO~~

YO~ Welcome to Werribee Open Range Zoo~~

yup...our 3rd visiting is ZOO~
I want to take picture with KOALA which i thk the zoo must have provide this 'unique experience' for visitors! unfortunately....tis OPEN RANGE ZOO DO NOT HAVE!!
aihzz..... luckily we had the buy 1 free 1 ticket voucher...otherwise....it is not worth for it because not much animals there and ........ya...ntg much there~

Jess and I decided to wear couple tee ..^^ yeah..I love melbourne~hehe
oh~ is MY SAM.....haha~ he is so cute and shy
horses ,pao, jess and rhino

SAM is so shy~
wow~ zebra can walk~~!!!!!=="

kangaroos~ they look so different with wat i thought ..i thought kangaroos is brown, very tall and huge...(like the one inside the pooh cartoon and jungle book)why these look so thin n small???! i have been cheated by the cartoons for so many years....but..i thk i saw somewhere else before where the kangaroos arent looked like tis 1!!!
i have a chubby face....fat ard..aihz.
haha~sam again~

Lion King

i posted alot my photos...nie nie, i scared u see my face until sienz ~haha~^^

african wild dog~
see the flower behind me?~james said: ee..... brocolli..=="

tis is super cute~
while waiting for the next bus to come (abt an hr ) and by not wasting our precious time...jess suggested to walk to another park - take photos..
the road is ours~
there we are~ werribee park... it is just bside the werribee zoo(ntg 1..i hate park..)
as the park need to pay entrance fee, we decided to juz look from the outside~haha~

me again~

so boring~ when the bus coming?!!!
took this when he is unaware
the zoo trip is end and goin back to city to have our dinner~
We had our dinner at lygon st ...the ferrari restaurant~
(the restaurant is decorated with all the ferrari poster and pictures)
not much photos taken because all of us are starving ard...hehe~
"tired but happy" trip ^^